Owner Information

Understanding Your Revenue Check

Revenue Check
  1. Production date – The month and year the production was sold.
  2. Product – The product for which payment is being made.
  3. Interest Type – OR1 – Override interest; RI1 – Royalty interest; WI1 – Working interest.
  4. BTU Factor – Heating value of gas.
  5. Price per unit of measurement (e.g. mcf or barrel)
  6. A decimal used to reflect your proportionate share of production from a property. The payment decimal can differ from your DOI decimal. If there are multiple working interest owners in aproperty, your payment decimal may be adjusted to reflect your pro
  7. Gross Volume – The volume of a product sold from a property.
  8. Owner Volume – Your proportionate ownership share of the volume produced or sold from a property. (lease volume x payment decimal)
  9. Gross Value – Price x Gross Volume.
  10. Owner Value – Your proportionate ownership share (payment decimal) x lease volume x price.
  11. Royalty Chargebacks – Applies to Working Interest owners only, under certain distribution methods.
  12. Gross Taxes – The value of tax obligations for a property such as severance, conservation, petroleum excise, and other production related taxes.
  13. Owner Taxes – Your proportionate ownership share (payment decimal) of lease tax.
  14. Gross Deducts – Deductions from price for fees or other charges identified by abbreviation and corresponding description in Deduct Code box at the bottom of the statement.
  15. Owner Deducts – Your proportionate ownership share (payment decimal) of lease deduct.
  16. Gross Net – Price x volume less tax less deduct.
  17. Owner Net – Owner Gross Value less Owner Tax, less Owner Deduct.
  18. Owner Number – This number uniquely identifies your account with Cimarex.
  19. Property Description – The Cimarex property identification number and name for this property. This line also includes the State, County, and Legal Description for this property.