Investor Relations

After-tax rate of return on invested capital is not only our company’s creed but the core of our success

Corporate Governance

Any concerns regarding accounting irregularities, theft, fraud, unsafe acts or any type of unethical behavior may be reported on a confidential and anonymous basis by calling


Cimarex is committed to the highest ethical standards in its business through good corporate governance. These high standards permeate the Cimarex culture as we strive to provide transparency to our stakeholders including shareholders, business partners, regulators and the communities in which we work. Our Board of Directors plays a vital role in the execution and monitoring of corporate governance at Cimarex. All of our standing Board Committees, including our Compensation and Governance Committee, are made up of independent Directors. Our Committee Charters and governance documents, which provide the framework for our corporate governance and Board oversight, are listed below.

Committee Charters