Health & Safety

Health and Safety

Every year the employees of Cimarex participate in a contest to choose the safety slogan that best represents our safety culture. Pictured above, this year Stephen Spiva won with “Safety Starts With You….Finish Safe”.

Protecting the health and safety of employees, contractors, the community and the environment is considered essential at Cimarex.  Because our operations are vast, we employ a team of specialized individuals to manage our environmental, health & safety programs at the field level.  Their responsibilities and accomplishments include:
  • Highly visible field presence on wells while drilling
  • Excellent contractor safety program – monitored through ISNet contractor safety program
  • Conduct Safety and Environmental Compliance Inspections
  • 7.7 million miles driven in Cimarex vehicles without a serious accident (2012)
  • Continuous training program for field employees
  • Emergency response training for both management and field hands
  • Posthaste incident reporting procedures and prompt investigation of any incident
  • Awarded an OSHA Commendation Certificate for the Oklahoma Safety Stand Down (2012)
  • H2S Drilling and Production Safety program

Cimarex’s compliance programs are designed to meet or exceed all regulatory and governmental requirements.  We do this through ongoing training programs, employee safety incentives and providing the necessary resources for our employees to finish safe.  But perhaps the most important thing we do is to continuously review all of our health and safety programs so that Cimarex is always getting better.