Employees take pride and ownership in moving our company forward


Cimarex Office Shots

At Cimarex Energy, every person can have an impact. We truly are a place where ideas matter.

Our People

Cimarex Energy takes pride in our assets and their development, and we know that our most important asset is our people. Acreage, wells and rigs change but our people are our constant, and they give us the ability to regenerate, adapt, and thrive in all aspects of business.

Driven by Ideas

Cimarex Energy is a company built on ideas. Good ideas will get tested here.

Our organization believes in eye contact – meeting face to face with each other – to foster openness, engagement, and healthy debate. We have a commitment to respecting each other and we recognize that each person brings some kind of unique value to the table.


Cimarex Energy employees are exposed to high impact projects, and have the opportunity to make a difference. We believe in a team-based approach to exploration, and integrate employees from all disciplines. This allows us to learn from each other and get a broader perspective to make the most informed decisions possible.

Integrity Matters

At Cimarex Energy, we believe in doing the right thing and that integrity and honesty are key to good decision making. We honor our commitments and take ownership of both our work and our actions.